Up Spiral


The Spiral staking contract allows Spiral holders to stake Spiral tokens to gain exclusive access to the InSpire Launchpad. Each Launchpad token will have token supply allocated for the staking contract to be distributed as staking rewards for Spiral stakers Spiral stakers will be able to buy launchpad tokens before the public The contract is […]

The Atlas Coin


The Atlas Team serves to create products that provide an escape from reality & allows users to interact with different people from all over the world through unique modes of socializing paired with immersive gameplay. While additionally giving way for investors to partake in profitable ventures & experiences through the utilization of innovative features optimized […]

Polaris Finance


We are team of experienced developers and we are looking forward to make the best algorithmic stable coin on Aurora blockchain. We will make everything we can to make our dream successful. Polaris Finance is an ecosystem with multiple algorithmic stable tokens. We have $POLAR pegged 1:1 to $NEAR, $ETHERNAL pegged 1:1 to $ETH, $ORBITAL […]

Frozen Walrus


The goal of this project is to give people a safe, sustainable farming protocol that works with long term vision, exciting new features and educational materials that aim to garner a large group of collective educated investors. We aim to make the $WLRS token something that people will buy regardless of knowing of the underlying […]



Czpegs is based upon the work of an accumulation of TOMB finance forks over the last few months. The project is run and lead by the doxxed team at BOMB Money, lead by CEO Aaron Shames! We have taken the best parts from all of the best forks and combined them into one polished, final […]

Hakuna Matata


Hakuna Matata is an algorithmic stable coin platform with our token $HAKUNA pegged to the value of 1 SVN. An Algorithmic Stable Coin (ASC) is a non-collateralized stablecoin tailored for improving price stability. The mechanics of Hakuna Matata is similar to that of Savanna Finance except the underlying pegged token is different. On Savanna Finance, […]



If you want financial freedom, then $SafeJet and the law of compounding can get you there. With SafeJet you earn 2.27% daily interest which compounds into an amazing 361,404%APY. This means you can potentially turn a $100 investment into $361,504 in only 12 months when the price sustains the rebase rewards. What makes SafeJet different […]

ToxicDeer Finance


ToxicDeer (DEER) is an anti-deflationary and anti-inflationary crypto project running on the Cronos chain. It draws its inspiration from BasisCash as well as its predecessors, Pegasus, Soup and Tomb Finance. We want to support their protocol by pegging DEER to USDC, henceforth providing new use cases for USDC, as well as increasing ToxicDeer’s liquidity on […]

Dark Crystal Finance


Inspired by the original idea behind Basis as well as its predecessors, DarkCrystal is a multi-token protocol that consists of the following 3 tokens: DarkCrystal Token ($DARKCRYSTL): The algorithmic token pegged 1:1 to WCRO DarkCrystal Shares ($MINE): Claim DARKCRYSTL inflation when the network expands DarkCrystal Bond ($DARKBOND): Purchase when the network is in contraction and […]

Aalto Protocol


Earn stablecoin rewards in the Deep Blue Bank while your $AALTO still rebases at 2.3% daily Aalto Protocol is the most advanced and sustainable auto-rebase protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, with auto-liquidity on every transaction, auto-burn every 24hrs, stablecoin payouts, collateralized price insurance, a quarterly bonus, and planned yield-generating NFT integration as well as […]