Survivor Protocol


Survivor Protocol and its token Health (HP) brings together game theory and DeFi into one package. Participants will have to decide what they value more as the Health token accrues value through BUSD rewards and APY on the token. Using a tiered mechanism, every time you sell your APY and your share of the Ration […]

Riptide Finance


Riptide Finance is an innovative DeFi protocol combining the most successful elements of well-established DeFi protocols, new methods to launch, and its own twist of originality through an addition of a Launchpad. The protocol is centered around a BUSD-pegged stablecoin, high-yield farming options, and community-centric alpha opportunities. NFTs, Lottery and other risk-based games and Rebates […]

Jewellery Finance


Jewellery Finance offers the first decentralized algorithmic stable coin on Cronos blockchain and Polygon Network , aiming to be pegged to the price of 1 CRO/Matic via seigniorage.

Archillect Finance


Archillect Finance provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a fixed compound interest model through use of its unique Auto staking protocol made from the best mechanisms of many protocols such as the Vault, our Backing Fund and many more! Archillect Auto-Staking Protocol (AAP) gives $ARCHI automatic staking and compounding features, and a […]



There are two parts of Bloom: Bloomify Bloomify has evolved what Drip did with their protocols. The Bloom protocol incentivizes investors to refer others. Earn more rewards by referring new investors with a referral code. Bloomify is set up to be the foundation of the Dark Forest Ecosystem. Profits from Bloomify will be used to […]



NEW Combining The Power of NFTs, The Animal Kingdom & Auto-STAKING/Compounding Protocol in Crypto Highest Boostable APY – 383,025.80% + over 100% with our NFTs BOOST Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet! Get Rewards Per Block (Every 15 minutes) / 96 times daily! Defi 3.0 Multi Chain Farming & BNB Launchpad Earning to support […]

Glue Nodes


Earn Passive Income with Glue Nodes, Ethereum based project Project in development. More info soon!

Avion Finance


NEW Avion Finance is a DeFi and NFT protocol that comes from the amalgamation of hundreds of hours of work from the core team. We strive to create not only one of the best protocols in DeFi right now but also the most vibrant and welcoming communities as well. From our initial planning for the […]



NEW LockedPay: passive income redefined Purchase LockedPay tokens In order to take part in the LockedPay Ecosystem all you have to do is purchase $LCKDPAY tokens. Hold to Earn Your purchased tokens are automatically staked at a Daily interest rate of 2.35%. No need to interact with our dApp! Take profit Sell the tokens you […]

Civitas Finance


NEW #crypto #defi protocol with price stabilisation that generates an ongoing #passiveincome.