Liquid Capital


Liquid AR is a decentralized financial protocol that rewards investors with a sustainable, variable compound interest return through its no stake Liquid Auto Rebase (LAR) mechanism. After much research and technical analysis of rebase token mechanics and projects, Liquid Capital has decided to improve on the current model by adding a dynamic calculation to determine […]

PAYC Finance


PAYC Finance – Autostaking platform. Dual Reward with Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding & BUSD Reflection | 385’945.80% APY + 9% BUSD | Audit ✅ | KYC ✅ | Contract ✅ | PinkSale Official Partner | Cooperation with Pandasyachtclub NFT – hold 1 of the first 100 NFT and get 162.5 PAYC token on launch day ✅ 53.6523% […]

Waterfall Finance


WTF is the Smartest algocoin which is designed to follow the price of BUSD. Enjoy high yields. Our advantages are NFT, VAULTS, BURN MECHANISM🔥 WTF is pegged via algorithm to a 20,000:20,000 ratio to BUSD : $20k BUSD = $20k WTF PEG.

Solar Protocol


SolarProtocol is a passive income project whose objective is to provide a steady and passive income while being sustainable. When you buy a Star you are locking your initial investment in exchange for a Star that will generate passive income, the cost depends on the type which is paid for in our token $KELVIN plus […]

Aretis Creces


Aretis Creces Protocol (ACP) – DeFi 3.0 – a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and gives $ARIS token holders the highest fixed return in crypto with APY 266,968.29% Easy and Safe: We provide auto-staking right in your wallet when you purchase $ARIS token. No need to move your tokens to our website. From […]



VolcaNodes is a blazingly fast and innovative DaaS on the Avalanche network, passive income up to 2190% APR, NFTs, sustainability in your pocket. To be completely honest we plan to make a clean and safe fork of Universe. You can create your Nodes (Glacier or Volcan) today and get lifetime rewards from it. You will […]



GuilderFi is a DeFi protocol making it simple for users to earn high yields through the introduction of Rebase 2.0, a newly conceptualized rebase protocol offering sustainable yields of 1.9414% daily. Rebase 2.0 was built to address the various critical failure points of traditional rebase protocols in their current format. We identified the importance to […]

Loaded Nodes


Loaded Nodes is an innovative yield farming protocol built on Cronos chain and inspired by $THOR and Polar Node. Through the help of a multi-chain yield farming protocol, it will allow you to earn rewards by creating one or more nodes on our dApp. Then you simply claim your daily $LDN every day, for the […]

Pulse Protocol


Pulse Protocol offers you a yearly fixed APY with an interest rate of 383,125.80% and 💵 BUSD Reflections. (Daily ROI 2.26%) The trading fee structure and multiple deflationary mechanisms ensure long-term sustainability and high growth potential of the project. 🧿 Audited by COINSCOPE.IO

Piggy Protocol


Piggy Protocol is a Web 3.0 lifestyle app ( Piggy Jumper ) that implements the jump-to-earn concept 🎖️ Auto Staking & Auto Compounding Every Epoch to get reward in Every (15 Minutes), With Fixed 555.405% APY! The Dapp is ready and holders will be able to stake on the day of the launch 🏧 Audited […]