YieldTopia is a new ecosystem built from the ground up that offers safe, vetted, and sustainable yield tokens. The ecosystem is powered by its Rebase & DAO token $YIELD, and its algorithmic stablecoin $USDY. Backed by a utility-driven ecosystem designed to scale.

Vamp Finance


Vamp Finance is an algorithmic stablecoin protocol pegged to $BFTM on the Fantom Opera network. The peg token of the Vamp Finance protocol, VAMP, is actively pegged via an algorithm 1:1 to BFTM. This does not mean it will be valued at 1:1 BFTM at all times as it is not collateralized. BFTM is a […]

Panda Finance


Algorithmic Staking. Made Sustainable. The first token pegged 1:1 to the price of $USDC via seigniorage. Our protocol uses algorithmic tokenomics to incentivize a stable 1:1 peg to USDC. Therefore, this should ensure that our token remains pegged to the value of $1. In addition, Panda Finance leverages DAO mechanics to ensure true ownership for […]

Venom Finance


With Venom Finance, we hope to bolster DAI’s liquidity on Avalanche, offer a pegged DAI substitute for lending/collateralization, essentially becoming our own algorithmic stablecoin. Pegging to DAI instead of AVAX makes cross chain activities and collateralization more flexible, easier to manage and has a wider potential audience than a L1 specific peg as we are […]

EarlyBird DAO


Early Bird Dao is based upon the work of the brilliant 2 tomb forks on BSC EMP.Money and Bomb.Money. EBD is an algocoin which is designed to follow the price of BNB. We decide to support above 2 protocols and provide more juicy APYs for EMP/Bomb protocols. We provide pools for these 2 protocols in […]

Raging Bull Finance


Raging Bull Finance is a safe and sustainable farming protocol designed to reduce volatility in a transient market. Our ecosystem is built around BULLUSD; an algorithmic stable coin pegged to USDC on AVAX Chain.

Never Dump Always Pump Protocol


NEW Never Dump Always Pump Protocol on BSC Dump-Proof Mechanism Maximum Daily Withdrawal 1% to 5% – Healthy Chart Fixed Daily Compounding at 1.93% Safest Auto-staking Token – KYC and Audit

Hachiko BSC


Hachiko is an auto-staking deflationary token that had its ownership renounced and handed over to the community from creation.No Dev Wallets. No Control Of Contract. No Control of Liquidity.

Samurai Nodes


Honour nodes can be considered a passive gateway to the world of DeFi. Acquire HNR tokens, create a node and relax. Node owners are enabled to be immersed and exposed to the world of DeFi through Samurai with minimal effort and active maintenance. The Samurai protocol utilises HNR tokens to distribute predictable rewards to node […]

Bigfoot Finance


Bigfoot Finance begins a node-based project that seeks to develop into a multi-chain NFT marketplace. By utilizing a multi-network platform, Bigfoot Finance will create a large-scale network across multiple blockchains where users will buy and sell NFTs. Rather than an airdrop to reward OpenSea users, Bigfoot Finance will offer nodes upon inception to benefit anyone […]