Up Spiral


The Spiral staking contract allows Spiral holders to stake Spiral tokens to gain exclusive access to the InSpire Launchpad. Each Launchpad token will have token supply allocated for the staking contract to be distributed as staking rewards for Spiral stakers Spiral stakers will be able to buy launchpad tokens before the public The contract is capable of distributing multiple reward tokens simultaneously, allowing Spiral stakers to receive not just multiple launchpad tokens but also USDC as rewards. There will be options for single token claiming, batch claiming and also the option to reinvest USDC rewards to receive staked Spiral. Tokens are withdrawable at anytime except during pre-trading periods to prevent tokens from being used for multiple wallets. There are maximum duration limitations and minimum time gap requirements for setting the lock periods to prevent the contract owner from locking staked tokens permanently. A burn function is integrated into the staking contract to allow for tiered access to certain events. Users can either burn Spiral directly from their wallets or their stakes.

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