The Atlas Coin


The Atlas Team serves to create products that provide an escape from reality & allows users to interact with different people from all over the world through unique modes of socializing paired with immersive gameplay. While additionally giving way for investors to partake in profitable ventures & experiences through the utilization of innovative features optimized for high scaled earning advantages in the long-term. The Atlas Project works to revolutionize upon the ever-growing concepts & thematics found within the crypto & web3 spaces by offering unique products that will contribute to the expansive growth that this sector is to see within the coming years. The Native Token of the Atlas Project, $ATLAS, is custom designed & fitted with a triple-yield earning structure that works to ensure investors benefit fortuitously in multiple ways on a consistent basis. All of which backed & supported by a sustainable protocol. This revolutionary earning structure consists of the: Rebase Engine, Vault, & Yield Farms.

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