If you want financial freedom, then $SafeJet and the law of compounding can get you there. With SafeJet you earn 2.27% daily interest which compounds into an amazing 361,404%APY. This means you can potentially turn a $100 investment into $361,504 in only 12 months when the price sustains the rebase rewards. What makes SafeJet different than other rebase tokens is co-creator Michael Bolduc’s unique Anti-Dump Mechanism which protects your investment from the pump and dumps that plague small-cap projects. With SafeJet, you don’t have to wake up in the morning and worry whether or not your investment tanked during the night. Some of the Benefits of $SafeJet are: 361,404% Fixed APY – We set out to create a super-high fixed APY. When other tokens offer APYs that fluctuate, you never know how many tokens you will receive. SafeJet pays holders a fixed interest rate of 2.27% which is compounded daily. This results in one of the highest APY (336,497%) in the industry.

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