Loaded Nodes


Loaded Nodes is an innovative yield farming protocol built on Cronos chain and inspired by $THOR and Polar Node. Through the help of a multi-chain yield farming protocol, it will allow you to earn rewards by creating one or more nodes on our dApp. Then you simply claim your daily $LDN every day, for the rest of your life ! Our main goal is to have several projects built on Cronos chain in the coming months like our DaaS platform, becoming a validator on the Cronos chain. Then to expand into other blockchains chosen by our community, with the goal of becoming a sustainable NaaS. We will also launch our NFT collection shortly after the public launch, with the objective to reward our community and bring assets for our investors. We are positioning our platform to provide value for our investors and a safe and sustainable project for them to generate and receive rewards. We aim to be the leading DeFi platform on the Cronos ecosystem, with several dApps (Decentralized Apps) available. Our initial launch will serve as a gateway to build our vision and future as a strong ecosystem.

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