Liquid Capital


Liquid AR is a decentralized financial protocol that rewards investors with a sustainable, variable compound interest return through its no stake Liquid Auto Rebase (LAR) mechanism. After much research and technical analysis of rebase token mechanics and projects, Liquid Capital has decided to improve on the current model by adding a dynamic calculation to determine the daily APR. LAR will be one of the first Auto Rebase protocols to provide long term and sustainable yields based on calculable metrics that directly correlate with what the protocol can viably support. LAR will set the daily APR % based on these calculations once a week and investors can see the metrics within our dashboard on the dApp (please see sections below for a more detailed explanation), the daily APR will vary based on our sustainability formula and taper down over the first few months. By going with the numbers, Liquid Capital can effectively reward investors when market conditions are favorable and protect them during market lulls and downtrends.

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