Algorithmic PEG

Czpegs is based upon the work of an accumulation of TOMB finance forks over the last few months. The project is run and lead by the doxxed team at BOMB Money, lead by CEO Aaron Shames! We have taken the best parts from all of the best forks and combined them into one polished, final product! These extra additions will serve as a foundation for BOMB and EMP, providing constant buy pressure as well as offering high yield to BNB enthusiasts all around Defi! As far as networks go, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) seemed like the perfect choice again with its fast transaction speeds, low gas fees, and large user base. Plus, it’s the home of BOMB and EMP! This project would certainly not be possible without the work of the team. Their project being fully open source and developed exceptionally well made it a pleasure to work with, and we would not be here today without their efforts, so we want to give a special thank you to them, and other protocols, for that.   * Graph refers to CZbnb

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